[Tagging] Let's not turn the tagging list into the Monty Python Argument Sketch (was: Deprecation - waterway=riverbank vs water=river)

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Sat Mar 6 15:03:03 UTC 2021

On Saturday 06 March 2021, Tomas Straupis wrote:
>   I guess Christoph has made a very good point about all this "saga"
> further decreasing the quality of OSM data. Unfortunately majority
> will never understand it.
>   I will only add that to me the saddest thing is not one tag or the
> other but the lack of ANY governance whatsoever which allows us -
> OpenStreetMap - to get to such a bad situation in the first place.

And this is a fallacy quite a few mappers these days run into - to think 
that the issues with developing consensus on tagging aimed towards the 
common good and the future of the project rather than special 
interests - can be solved through some form of authoritarian rule and 
forcing mappers to map things in a certain way top down.

But that is not going to work of course - in a volunteer project like 
OSM the only sustainable way to achive progress is to convince people 
with arguments and reason.  Insulting them by claiming that "majority 
will never understand it" is not any more viable than nudging them with 
editor presets or biased framing of wiki pages.  An OpenStreetMap 
project where mappers don't make decisions based on their own competent 
choices and understanding but by simply following what others have told 
them to do would have no future.

Christoph Hormann

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