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Mon Mar 8 13:57:35 UTC 2021

Am Mo., 8. März 2021 um 14:11 Uhr schrieb Zeke Farwell <ezekielf at gmail.com>:

> The reason I am working on this is that it is often unclear to me where
> the boundaries are between 'path' and 'track' on the low end

this at least should be very easy: it's the width. A way that is physically
accessible to 2 tracked vehicles is at least a track, while narrower ones
are paths.

> and between 'track' and 'unclassified' or 'service' on the high end.

much harder. Basically, service roads are there to access objects,
buildings, features (e.g. parkings) etc., tracks are there to access "land
without anything" (forests, fields, but not a restaurant, a dam or a water
treatment plant, for example). I am unsure for beaches, mountains, springs,
and similar, but would probably see them as service.
Unclassified roads are above both, usually they are the lowest part of the
connection grid (connecting something), while service and tracks often are
noexit roads (admittedly tracks are often differentiated in noexit stubs
and connecting tracks).
For example in Germany, there's a legal distinction, tracks are not "roads"
(Straße), they are "ways" (Wege).

> Take Mateusz' example of a two lane logging road.  I would not have
> considered tagging that as highway=track but instead as
> highway=unclassified with appropriate surface and smoothness values.  My
> mental model of a track is something that is just wide enough for one
> vehicle, but if it is appropriate to consider wider roads tracks in some
> cases I'd like to understand why.

I must admit I also had some problems with this. While at the first read I
wanted to write something about ways being possibly wider than 1 lane, when
I checked the examples on mapillary that I wanted to provide from memory, I
found out that none of them had actually 2 true lanes, so I refrained from
posting (if you're moving on a bicycle you might get a wrong impression
about the width as long as you can easily pass an approaching car).

I am aware of access roads to quarries that can become quite wide, but I
would not tag them as tracks, they are service roads.

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