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Am Di., 9. März 2021 um 12:24 Uhr schrieb Bert -Araali- Van Opstal <
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> The Highway Tag Africa says "While generally not residential, there can be
> houses along the road." But we have houses along many of our roads or
> tracks.  Which makes them by definition residential.

let's not be confused, "residential" is not a tag for any road where people
live along, it is a tag for a road where people live, which is _not_ an
instance of a higher road class.
For me, and I believe this is widely shared, at least in Germany, a road
where people live cannot be lower than "residential" or sometimes service,
in particular it cannot be a track (unless it's a farm). Someone living
there, especially if they are more than 1 household/house, will mean that
the road will serve for more purposes, like garbage collection, post
delivery, the people themselves, their visitors, etc., in short it will be
a "road" usually and not simply a "way". Maybe this interpretation is
tainted by the German context, where politics at least since the 1960ies
tries to limit urban sprawl by not allowing anybody to build a house
outside of a designated settlement, but they make some exceptions: existing
houses and farms (and a few more, of course, like the military, public
mains, etc.)

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