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On Sat, 13 Mar 2021 at 20:40, Bert -Araali- Van Opstal <
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> I would think twice putting these "institutions" under the military tag.
Thanks, Bert.

Yes, as I mentioned, I'm in two minds about it - No, cadets are not
military so shouldn't be listed under a military value, but listing them
there would mean that they're easy to find! & I've spotted quite a few of
them already mapped as landuse=military + military=barracks!

> In many countries it is forbidden to map military bases and that is often
> enforced very strict, you get prosecuted and face a jail sentence if they
> find you making pictures or being an enthusiastic OSM'er checking your
> ground truth at or nearby those places. A very specific warning to our
> fellow contributors is surely at it's place in those tagging guidelines.
That has been discussed quite a bit recently, & you've prompted me to
actually go through & add a Caution box to all the military pages.
{{Mapping Military Sites}}

> It's amazing to me that no one ever came up with amenity=school
> school=military or amenity=hospital hospital=military, as they are very
> common all over the world, or people just use the operator=* tag to see it
> as sufficient to refer to the military ?
Thanks - something else to look at! :-)


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