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> One question, as such objects are unknown to me:

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Library_of_Things
and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tool_library

Both make clear that a library of tools is just one of many types of
a library of things.  So we either come up with at least 9 independent
amenity values (we already have a tag for toy libraries) or we have
a single value for library of things and then qualify it with
thing_type=* (please come up with a better name).  I'd go with
the latter as it's entirely possible a single location could offer more
than one type of thing, such as kitchen appliances, garden tools
and electronics tools.

Note also (to complicate matters) that traditional book libraries may
also operate a library of things.  See

is it acting as actual public library (rental is nearly free) or is it
> rental shop
> using "library" for branding/advertisement purposes and there are
> noticeable fees?

They may be free.  There may be a refundable deposit required.  There may
be a charge; the charge may depend upon how long the item is borrowed for.

> In other words - would fee=no be applicable (or implied) tag?

I'd say fee=unknown would be implied by default.

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