[Tagging] Proposal - Library of things and Tool library

Tom Pfeifer t.pfeifer at computer.org
Thu Mar 18 14:29:15 UTC 2021

On 18.03.2021 12:45, Marc_marc wrote:
> Le 18.03.21 à 11:58, Tom Pfeifer a écrit :
>> The use of 'library' for renting other objects (tools, toys, things)
>> that are not storing knowledge is confusing
> I agree with that.
>> I'd prefer a generic term, focusing on the rental, e.g.
>> amenity=object_rental
> but the sharing of tools by an association or a community
> is not a rental, it is a lend.
> in french there is a difference between renting and lending,
> for example a company rents cars, but the neighbor lends me his car.
> is it the same in British English?

amenity=object_lending or amenity=object_borrowing would be equally fine for me.

On 18.03.2021 12:13, Paul Allen wrote:
 > I share some of your distaste for using "library" in this way, but it is already in
 > common usage in British and American English.  OSM uses British English
 > where possible, not Latin.

Library is not latin, and it labels a place to borrow books in BrE.
Using BrE as a basis for tagging does not mean we need to use any marketing slogan
or euphemism. I'd prefer a term that is unambiguous for non-native speakers as well,
and clearly describes what the amenity is about.

In analogy, while amenity=McDoughnuts would be BrE, and the facility the pun is targeted to
is commonly used, we would tag amenity=fast_food on top level.


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