[Tagging] Tagging piste:difficulty for track piste:type=nordic; skitour

Georg georg2016 at nurfuerspam.de
Fri May 7 21:44:35 UTC 2021

Hi MikeŇ°,

> I am editing osm data ocasionally already several years, but still
> I believe there is big number of users like me "beginner forever".

for this user type, relations with JOSM or iD are IMHO too demanding, so
it does not help much that they would solve the issue in a clean and
sustainable manner. I guess an editor with dedicated GUI for piste
relations could make it easy enough, but I do not know any.

> For us would be something what Yves suggesting totally perfect.

That is easy and fully sufficient for the single "snippets" of a piste,
but you'd still need "something" to tell which snippets are making up
one longer piste. For example, to compute overall length and elevation
gain/loss of all "snippets", to estimate needed time, to route you along
the whole thing instead of only some 100m and need to start routing
again for next 100m, to easily send the whole route to someone, etc.
That "something" is a relation. It contains a list of which "snippets"
in total are the whole, long thing, and additional information about the
whole thing, e.g. a number/reference, a name, a website etc. This also
makes mapping of far distance pistes like
https://www.xctrails.org/map/map.html?trail=60591&type=xc feasible, and
also sending the whole thing as one single link ;)

Maybe you understand better why routes were suggested to solve your
issue (many routes re-using same physical path). If you're in the mood,
have a look at relations, if you do not feel like, continue to "just"
map the single "snippets" - this is very helpful because only when they
exist in OSM, someone else can glue the "snippets" together to a
relation. This team work produces a great result :)


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