[Tagging] How to tag an industrial breeding facility?

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> Did some searching on agricultural sites and a common term seems to be
> "confinement" for the building or "animal feeding operation" abbreviated as
> AFO for the facility.
> "Sustainable food advocates often call these operations *factory farms*,
> while people in rural areas where they are common call them *confinements*
> ."

"Factory farm" is seen as derogatory, according to the people who operate
factory farms.  They prefer AFO (animal feeding operation) or CAFO
AFO) or ILO (intensive livestock operation) or CFO (confined feeding

Note that these terms don't just apply to industrial buildings with animals
crowded together.  They also apply to intensive outdoor feeding, known
as feedlots in the US: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feedlot

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