[Tagging] How to tag an industrial breeding facility?

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Thu May 27 16:32:54 UTC 2021

After some more reading, I consulted some FAO documents, EU reports and 
legislation and practices for tropical countries:

I couldn't acknowledge widespread global use of "confinement" for the 
building outside the USA.
Besides stall and stables the most general term used for the building 
seems just "animal housing".
So I suggest for the building=animal_housing which covers all of the 
different terms, like stabling  or stables for horses, pigsty, 
chicken-coop, rabbiitery etc... for small scale housings as the 
intensive feeding confinements.

One could consider more details by using "capacity" or "type" attribute 
key, either in numbers as known or just general terms like 
capacity=intensive, capacity=moderate, capacity=low, other suggestions 
of course welcome.
Additionally one could add an attribution key to describe the animal 
breed or species, like with species=* or animal=*. animal=* is already 
in use but caries values for the type of facility, so species seems more 
suitable Species has a wiki page (more related to forestry but can be 
used more broadly, as is already practiced like f.i. for animals 
occurring in protected areas). If a common mapper doesn't know the Latin 
name one could use the English namespace and Wikidata to provide the 
common name and translations , like f.i. species:en=chicken (just an 
example) and species:wikidata=Q... .

As already stated before AFO as for Animal Feeding Operation and the 
variants CAFO and as suggested by Paul: ILO, CFO seem to have broad 
global support, most commonly AFO.  So I would intend to stick with 
that, as proposed before: landuse=farmyard (preferred to 
landuse=industrial) with man_made=animal_feeding_operation.

The feedlots as referred to by Paul are just a collection of the pens I 
mentioned before. A suggestion to map these could be man_made=pen on a 
closed area and man_made=feedlot on the collection of pens. I wouldn't 
create another man_made for a chicken run, the difference is just in the 
semantics and I've seen people using chicken-pen.  Closed area could be 
nicely attributed with fencing type as in barrier=* tagging. An open 
chicken run (for the animal welfare) would not have a barrier added.

Feeding related facilities as before with man_made=silo or 
man_made=bunker_silo together with content=* seems to cover most cases. 
Already existing building values as barn and shed might be applicable 
for auxiliary buildings.

A good fit in existing tagging schemes for the manure handling and 
storage facilities (lagoons, basements) is more difficult to find so 
please consider and comment on landuse=basin + basin=manure, 
building=basement + basement=manure.

Greetings, Bert Araali

On 27/05/2021 16:27, Paul Allen wrote:
> On Thu, 27 May 2021 at 12:50, Bert -Araali- Van Opstal 
> <bert.araali.afritastic at gmail.com 
> <mailto:bert.araali.afritastic at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Did some searching on agricultural sites and a common term seems
>     to be "confinement" for the building or "animal feeding operation"
>     abbreviated as AFO for the facility.
>     "Sustainable food advocates often call these operations /factory
>     farms/, while people in rural areas where they are common call
>     them /confinements/."
> "Factory farm" is seen as derogatory, according to the people who operate
> factory farms.  They prefer AFO (animal feeding operation) or CAFO 
> (concentrated
> AFO) or ILO (intensive livestock operation) or CFO (confined feeding 
> operation).
> Note that these terms don't just apply to industrial buildings with 
> animals
> crowded together.  They also apply to intensive outdoor feeding, known
> as feedlots in the US: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feedlot 
> <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feedlot>
> -- 
> Paul
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