[Tagging] traffic calming bicycle bypass

Emvee emvee-osm at gmx.de
Sun Sep 26 21:24:16 UTC 2021

I did map quite some bicycle_bypass=yes, but for things like this:


I see the point that this is not bicycle specific but also 
mofa's/mopeds/motorcycles can use it, but two_wheeler_bypass=no does not 
look like a good idea to me, two_wheeler is not a common used term. Just 
like amenity=bicycle_parking can be often also used by mofa's and mopeds 
I do not see too much problems bicycle_bypass.

The problem that I see with traffic_calming:bicycle=no, is also related 
to this, it asks for adding traffic_calming:mofa=no + 
traffic_calming:moped=no + traffic_calming:motorcycle=no and that sounds 
like overkill.

On 26/09/2021 22:04, Volker Schmidt wrote:
> In the examples I do not see any distinction between bicycle and other 
> traffic, in particular no difference between motorcycle and bicycle in 
> the first one.
> For the third example I would simply use barrier=bollard (which 
> includes the case of mre than one bollard). It certainly is not a 
> chicane, which implies an obstacle that forces you to deviate from a 
> straight line.
> There are also bumps in some countries that let pass motorcars but 
> slow down wider vehicles, and other more or less devious arrangements.
> This needs more thought, especially if you want to call it 
> bicycle-something.
> On Sun, 26 Sept 2021 at 21:02, Martin Koppenhoefer 
> <dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:
>     sent from a phone
>     > On 26 Sep 2021, at 20:30, Jan Michel <jan at mueschelsoft.de> wrote:
>     > > traffic_calming:bicycle=no
>     >
>     > That's also what I would use.
>     if there is some space where a cyclist can pass the obstacle
>     without being affected, it’s still different from not being
>     affected at all, you have to be careful in order to pass the
>     obstacle at this spot, and if you miss it or cannot pass there
>     because of the traffic situation, you will still have an obstacle
>     on your way.
>     That’s why I tend to prefer the bypass solution, as it is a better
>     description of the situation compared to a complete negation
>     Cheers Martin
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