[talk-au] Deleting some GNB names..

Brent Easton b.easton at exemail.com.au
Sun Feb 24 23:11:38 GMT 2008

It is probably a historical rural hamlet or locality that no longer exists, but is still recorded in the GNB database.

If you could find local references to it, I would probably change it to a place=locality, otherwise just delete it.


>I've deleted a few of GNB added names over the past week.  They seem to be
>rural localities added within Sydney.
>For example Murphy Heights.
>It has an entry in Australian Place Names, at ga.gov.au, but
>+ it is not in the Australian Postcode list
>+ a google search returns no residences in that suburb
>+ it is not on the NSW lands dept list of addresses
>+ there are no signs, or local information referring to the area
>I'm now suspicious of any of the GNB entries which claim to be rural areas
>within the Sydney metro.  Anybody see any reason why we need to keep these,
>or know of their origin/reason for existance?

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