[talk-au] Where is commonwealth place in Canberra

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Hi Nick,

You are right there are a lot of streets named Parkes Place around that local, I guess it saves confusion in a Naked Vicar kind of way.   I believe I saw two signs to Commonwealth Place, both looking like road signs at either end of the loop that runs from King Edward Terrace down to the lake and back up.  Might be worth checking that one too.



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Hi Neil,
Yes, that's a very good question. I've pondered over this one quite a bit.
I believe that the sign "Commonwealth Place" that you saw is not actually a street name sign but a sign to an area known as "Commonwealth Place" which is the general area between where the two sets of multilpe flagpoles are.  There is no other sign that I could find, at that area to indicate its name so I did not add any item for Commonwealth Place.  I googled and eventually found some information on "Commomwealth Place".
There were other street signs that indicated the names that I tagged. I drove up and back this area many times to try to see what that sign was referring to ( it sure looked like a street name sign). Google street view shows this sign but it is unreadable.
However, there have been some road works at the Eastern end of KIng Edward Terrace since I added the street names, so I will  revisit the area this week and recheck everything - thanks for the heads up. There sure were a lot of "Parkes Place" street signs, maybe they have tidied them up a bit.

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