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Hi Nick,

Your reasoning seems good, Parkes Place it is.  I previously added Bowen Place into the map. As I was on foot and didn't fancy walking down there, I made the executive decision to label it Bowen Place while it ran alongside the NGA and then allow the road to revert to Bowen Drive when it swings away.   I thought at the time I'd let the Canberra mappers do the hard slog and work out where the street names really change :).


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I think we may have "Commonwealth Place" wrong.
There is now sinage at the flagpoles indicating that the general area is "Commonwealth Place". In this are whenever a street sign is for a place, as in "Parkes Place" it will say  "Parkes PL". At the new roundabout there are brand new street signs for "Bowen PL" and "Dorothy Tangney PL".
Therefore I'm pretty sure both the "Commonwealth Place" signs are locality pointers rather than street signs. In fact the National Gallery still advertises itself as in "Parkes Place".
The one exception to the PL rule seems to be if the "Place" is in the middle of the name.  Right in Line with the National Library, on the bit or pavement we've just called "Commonwealth Place" is a street sigh saying "Parkes Place West".  GSV also has this sign quite readable.  This is a bit strange since the national library advertises itself as on "Parkes Place"
There was one other "Parkes Place West" sign, which caused me to tag the whole left length as "Parkes Place West". This also shows in GSV at the corner of KIng George terrace, but the sign is now gone. The finance dept occupies the right hand bit of the treasury building and advertises as "Parkes place West" even thouigh the stree sign at the corner of Newlands Street says "Parles PL" - also just visible in GSV.
The one "Parkes Place West" sign left is on a very old post and I wouldn't be surprised to see it go soon.
http://www.nationalcapital.gov.au/visiting/attractions/commonwealth_place.asp seems to indicate that all the roads are in fact "Parkes Place".
What should I do. I think I should change both "Commonwealth Place" and "Parkes Place West" to Parkes Place. Then since I can't decide where "Bowen PL" turns into "Bowen DR" I think I may rename them both Parkes Place as well :-)
I'm about to edit in the new roundabout and a couple of one wayness changes.  Unless anyone has violent objections, by then, then "Commonwealth Place" will morph from a street into a POI.

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