[talk-au] Buronga-Mildura Road???

Luke Woolley lswoolley at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 15:57:26 BST 2009

First of all i'm sorry. I made that mistake when I was fixing up the Calder
Highway last August, during my efforts to show both carriageways and the
roundabout from existing GPS traces. Before I was corrected a while ago by a
mapper who contacted me about my ways of tagging streets with two names
(usually it is a highway name, and a local street name sharing the same
stretch of road). For C routes, I have been using the Victorian style of
naming these roads, which is in most cases, the nearest two places at the
ends of the route. The actual name I added was incorrect. I should have put
"Buronga - Mildura South Road" but I carelessly removed the local street
name at the same time. Back then I had a mindset that through routes had
priority over local routes, but I have changed that habit now! I also did
not get the name from Google. I NEVER use Google for any mapping. It is
derived from the worst mapping database (for Australia at least) I have ever

Hope that clears things up.
2009/4/20 Liz <edodd at billiau.net>

> I saw this on the OSM map, in Victoria. Buronga is in NSW.
> The alleged Buronga-Mildura Road doesn't go to Buronga.
> The signs I saw, when I labelled that road said *Benetook Avenue*. That was
> about 18 months ago.
> Oddly, googlemap says *Buronga-Mildura Road*.
> Whereis doesn't.
> The Mildura map i collected at the motel calls it Benetook Avenue.
> I'm sure that the mapper , who I have identified, will have some evidence,
> like a geo-tagged photo, to post a link to, so that they can justify the
> name
> change (NOT)
> Please guys, stop copying Google Maps
> Especially when you are copying rubbish.
> Liz
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