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Jeff Price jeff.price at rocketmail.com
Thu Feb 5 04:38:03 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I'm new'ish to OSM and have been mapping the largely unmapped area around me.  We've got lots of undefined (in the OSM sense) National Parks nearby and was wondering if there'd been any progress on getting park boundary data.  Note yahoo imagery around me is of low quality so difficult to do any accurate tracing.

Ta, jeffp_oz

[talk-au] National Park & Marine Park boundariesLiz edodd at billiau.net 
Wed Dec 17 10:58:04 GMT 2008 
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On Wed, 17 Dec 2008, Matt White wrote:
> How are people mapping National Park (or state forest or other
> government mandated areas)? It seems that in a lot of cases, there is no
> way of actually doing an on the ground survey - a lot of the boundaries
> aren't marked, the areas can be massively inaccessible etc.
> Add to that things like marine park boundaries, or no fishing areas
> which are often defined on marine maps as just a set of GPS locations
> (and there is obviously no way of physically mapping those areas), and
> it seems there are a lot of things that we have to rely on getting the
> data from other sources for.(I include marine park/no fishing areas as
> my partners father asked about it - I see no good reason why such
> features couldn't be added to OSM)
> Question is: is it legit to use park/forest boundaries taken from
> government sources? If not, how on earth are we going to solve this
> little problem?
> Matt
My significant other is trying to obtain national park data as defined lat and 
long co-ordinates.
I think that putting points in on co-ordinates which are defined does not 
infringe anyone's copyright.
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