[talk-au] Maxspeed bots

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 03:08:34 GMT 2011

Richard wrote...."Hi Nick,

I see several approaches available here:
- ask the bot owner to accept
- revert the bot work
- ask for help reverting (typically others in the community or DWG)
- argue convincingly on legal talk that the maxspeed bot and bots in
general don't have rights to decline CT/ODbL"

Hi Richard.

the bot owner has publically that he/she will never accept the CT, and I
believe him/her.

Reverting the work:  If the bot work was done at (say) version 3, reverting
the changeset of the bot would destroy versions 4,5 etc information, which
I don't believe is acceptable or necessary
since it affects such a wide proportion of australian OSM data.

The two bots workwere done using the users normal contribing userids and
therefore must be dealt with at the changeset level rather the userid level.
I therefore believe that it is essential that DWG remove the bot/s soon (no
one else can do it!!).

However if anyone can instruct me how to programatically revert the bots
work without losing subsequent edits, then I'll happily get started on it.

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