[talk-au] Re-entering data to avoid licensing failure

Ross Scanlon info at 4x4falcon.com
Wed Dec 14 15:15:51 GMT 2011

That's fine so long as you are not transferring any tags from the 
original way.

See Frederik's comments to NE2 re this, on the osm-talk list.

Mind you, you've got a lot to do in AU.


On 14/12/11 13:56, John Henderson wrote:
> As time and opportunity arises, I've started re-entering rural roads
> where it's clear that the original is scheduled for deletion. I'm
> deleting the old way completely, and re-entering it from GPS data I'm
> gathering.
> JOSM now has a License Check plugin to identify potential deletions,
> bringing up the way's history and looking at the mapper's details shows
> whether the original ways (and significant edits) were mapped by
> somebody who's declined the new contributor terms. Similar
> functionality seems to be available in Potlatch.
> Are others doing this? Is there a better way of maintaining OSM's
> integrity given the situation we find ourselves in?
> John
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