[talk-au] Aligning admin boundaries (including those resulting from ABS 2006 imported data) to coastline..

4x4falcon info at 4x4falcon.com
Fri Jan 21 05:56:22 GMT 2011

On 21/01/11 13:03, Steve Bennett wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 11:11 AM, 4x4falcon<info at 4x4falcon.com>  wrote:
>> Problem with option 3 is that if nodes are the same you end up with a major
>> duplicate node issue and if it comes to editing either then newbies tend to
>> get it wrong.  If the nodes are joined then you end up with a duplicate way
>> issue.
> I was assuming the nodes are joined. In what way are co-linear
> ("duplicate") ways an "issue"? I wasn't aware there were any problems
> with the practice?

It's a gives a validator warning if only for a small section eg two 
nodes joined.

However it still becomes difficult to edit either way if they are 
co-linear especially with the nodes joined.

> And I wouldn't describe two partially co-linear ways as duplicate,
> especially if they have different tags as in this case.

It means that the ways are duplicated not necessarily the tags.

>> They only need to be beside each other not massive distances away, this is
>> also easy to do using copy and paste in josm.
> I'm not familiar with JOSM's editing, but I was thinking of Potlatch's
> "parallel ways" tool. If you just copy and paste a wiggly line at an
> offset, it will intersect with the original. Potlatch's tool actually
> shrinks the "inside" way so that doesn't happen.

In most cases you can do the same with cut and paste in josm but there 
is a parallel tool plugin as well.


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