[talk-au] Apology and Re: Mass revert now??

Ross Scanlon info at 4x4falcon.com
Sun Jan 8 02:40:47 GMT 2012

On 08/01/12 08:20, Nick Hocking wrote:
> David wrote
> "I can always retag from my records after the split"
> Hi David,
> It does seem that most of your work will survive.
> Those maxspeed edits done by bots (under the userid of
> JohnSmith or Rosscoe) will disappear without harm in April.
> A lot of  them are incorrect so the accuracy of the OSM data
> will actually improve a bit.

I have never run any maxspeed bot.  In fact I actively started changing 
them manually to source:maxspeed which is what they should have been in 
the first place and where they were incorrect and I could apply correct 
data (from nearmap or survey) then I've changed that.

I'm still manually changing maxspeed:source to source:maxspeed when ever 
I load a section of data into josm along with several other common 
errors like "junction=roundabout oneway=yes" but you'll never see it in osm.

I also disagreed with what John did with this bot although I can see his 
logic in originally doing it and asked him via this list to re-run it so 
that it was source:maxspeed but he did not complete this.

> However some decliner edits will affect your work.
> If you look at the intersection of Leichardt Avenue
> and Amity Drive. It seems that you mapped this area well,
> in 2007. Then in 2009 the user JohnSmith and also Rosscoe have
> made minor improvements and "tweaks". This has, in a lot of
> cases ended up with them being version1 "owners" of the roads
> you mapped.

Impossible for either to be version one owners if we edited existing 
data.  It could only be for new information added.


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