[talk-au] BP service station import

John Berkers berjo at ozemail.com.au
Mon Jan 16 12:36:02 GMT 2012


There also appears to be some information related to the location of Coles
Express (Shell) service stations on their web site at:


There are data sets specifically formatted for use by Garmin, Navman and
Tom Tom devices, however, there is a general statement that the data can
be converted to support other formats.

Is it worth investigating the possibility of confirming that Coles Express
fits within their own terms of acceptable use, and investigate importing
their data also?


John Berkers

> Someone kindly updated the import catalogue page to suggest where the BP
> service station import came from. I have followed it up and have
> permission to use as copied below. I will also put a copy up for public
> record. This, or something similar, was imported by a declined user who
> refused to say where it came from, so all the stations will go as well
> as subsequent modifications.

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