[talk-au] 1st few silly question

Don Thomas donthomas at gmx.com
Wed Jan 25 11:14:17 GMT 2012

1/ In our area there are a number of small sections of road subject to 
flooding, generally they are at small bridges/ causeways and the like. I 
can't work out how they should be marked, can some one advice me please?
2/ I have seen in the guide about rural addressing but can't see any 
examples in the maps. Is no one bothering with setting up rural 
addressing? I actually can't work out about the tagging to set the start 
end, which is why I was looking for examples.
3/ I saw stuff somewhere about gates etc, but now can't find it and I 
want to know how to tag stock grids, how?
4/ Is it correct that you have to 'trace' over your GPS trace in order 
to form a way in potlatch 1.4? Do you have to do that in other editors, 
potlatch2 ran so slow for me its use was not feasible, I notice there 
are other editors that can be downloaded and run locally, are they a 
better option?

regards Don Thomas

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