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Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Sun Jul 29 16:41:23 BST 2012

FYI, I am working on the Cooks River Cycleway which I mapped over 
2005-2006 and can do the M7 cycleway if needed. I've been able to 
re-create a map of my efforts from a January 2007 planet dump so have 
1,000+ streets and paths over NSW and QLD that I can re-map using Bing 
imagery. Dalby, Port Macquarie, Laurieton and some coastal villages are 
done. Brisbane and Toowoomba look good so I am now working on Sydney. 
Mostly this is Ultimo, Pyrmont, CBD, The Rocks, Elizabeth Bay and cycle 
trips around the eastern suburbs coast down to Cronulla.

May I ask armchair mappers if they would not mind mapping in streets as 
highway=road instead of highway=residential? Otherwise they look "done" 
and I miss them. Putting source=Bing also helps me know that you have 
not ground-surveyed them and that my older data may still be good.

Good luck to everyone on the ground with the remapping, alas I no longer 
live in Australia,
Mike Collinson

On 27/07/2012 03:57, Ben Kelley wrote:
> Hi.
> BTW, in terms of cycle routes in Marrickville I managed to remap some 
> in advance of the redaction, and I know where any missing ones go.
> There is a page on the wiki for Sydney Cycle Routes (pre redaction). 
> Most of the relations there should still exist, but I haven't had time 
> to check them yet. I wondered about coordinating cycle route 
> remapping. Maybe via the wiki page, and by LGA?
> For remapping roads, Bing is very good in Sydney, although exercise is 
> also good. :)
>    - Ben.
> On Jul 26, 2012 6:40 PM, "Eric Rose" <ericr at wamble.net 
> <mailto:ericr at wamble.net>> wrote:
>     Hash: SHA1
>     On 24/07/12 21:35, Leon Kernan wrote:
>     > I'm not too familiar with central Sydney but if a local could take a
>     > look, i'm not game to get too far into that mess.
>     I'm in Marrickville, but may be able to spend time cycling around and
>     collecting traces in surrounding areas. Given that I haven't been an
>     active mapper for a while, I'll have to re-familiarise myself with the
>     tools again, and work out how to easily convert data from my Edge 800
>     (FIT format) to GPX.
>     All my previous mapping was done around Mullumbimby, and my primary
>     focus is on recreating data from my old traces in that area.
>     Eric

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