[talk-au] Tagging dirt and 4x4 roads - new approach

Steve Bennett stevagewp at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 09:35:36 GMT 2012

>* Unpaved roads are difficult to really classify the surface in terms of
anything other than dirt/sand/rock. The surface state changes over time
from smooth immediately after grading, to possibly deep
>ruts/corrugations/mud after rain and wear. In this case, my personal
opinion would be to use some sort of tag like surface condition (options
being something like: maintained | uneven | degraded |
>corrugated | rocky | rutted | deep_rutted, but even those change
immediately after track maintenance), with perhaps a best/worst case tag or

One thought that occurs here would be to tag the *maintenance* of a track
rather than its *current state*. Some tracks are essentially never
maintained, while others are graded frequently. That, combined with the
season that you're travelling (eg, late summer vs early spring) might be
enough to make an informed decision.

> * Overall, it seems like Australia has both the special conditions
> requiring some extensions to the current 4WD/dirt road mapping data and the
> active mapping community to back it up. I don't see why we shouldn' agree
> on a handful of tagging rules for the AU conditions on this list and use
> them (assuming that they are well thought out etc). Document them nicely so
> the rest of the world can take them up, and make the rendering changes etc
> ourselves (how hard can a casing change be in the renderer? If we can do it
> an submit it to the trac system...)
AFAIK the major issue with rendering changes is resources to implement
them. So, if someone writes the code to do it, much greater chance of it

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