[talk-au] Gold Coast Suburb Boundaries

Steve Dalton steve at refactor.com.au
Tue Nov 26 13:01:37 UTC 2013

Hi All

Finally found the AU OSM list!

I'm currently doing a bit of work with OSM for a client and I've
stumbled on a problem I had some time ago. Gold Coast suburbs are
completely wrong!

I'm pretty new to OSM - so forgive my ignorance here, but from what I
can see the administrative boundary for suburb is just set from a
point and it just calculates your suburb from the nearest
administrative point. So I live in Parkwood (no point has been set for
this), my street comes up as Nerang and the street next to me comes up
as Helensvale!

If I was to get hold of proper suburb boundaries from the council - is
there any way to even enter it? I can't quite see how. Has anyone in
other cities done this? I did see some reference to Adelaide in the
list archives but as I've not done a lot of geospatial work some of
the terms and formats were new to me.

There is quite a bit of support for Open Data at the moment in Gold
Coast City council, so would appreciate any advice from other
contributors on the best format for data, best way to get this data
into OSM (if possible) and how best to work with the council.

I would really like to encourage OSM usage more in my local area - but
with a fundamental problem like this - it's a bit embarrassing. My
general response to things like this is to use RMS's words "We can fix
that!" but I'm a little stumped here on how to go about it, so any
help appreciated.

Many thanks

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