[talk-au] Mapping houses and addresses in Sydney

Joel H. joelh at disroot.org
Sun Jun 3 12:10:19 UTC 2018

OSM is permitted to use the LPI Base Map, This contains street number
where they are.

However I am not from NSW so I can't say how accurate LPI is. You are
best to do a ground survey, the Android app StreetComplete is good for
this as long as the houses have been mapped already.

If you wish to use LPI, you can switch under imagery in JOSM (and maybe iD)

On 03/06/18 22:00, talk-au-request at openstreetmap.org wrote

> I've started using OSM more and more and I find it frustrating that many house addresses are not available in OSM. I would like to help by tracing many houses using ESRI as a base map (feel free to audit my history on OSM under the name "Moult").  I would also like to add address information (addr:housenumber and addr:street) to these ways however I don't think that we are meant to be copying from Google maps. Is there another map source that has addresses that we can use? Perhaps some form of government cadastre map? Is that allowed?
> ​Dion Moult​

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