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Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your thoughts.  I'm sure we're all well intentioned.

If I understand your proposal, what you're saying is we build a wiki page that lists the relevant authority and what should not be mapped in that area.  Then a local mapper would check against that when mapping significant local features?

So that raises two issues I see.

Firstly, since it's defined in the negative it relies on someone seeking out the local authority and recording their wishes.  Rather than imposing a positive obligation to seek permission.  In that way it seems a little different to what others seem to be proposing.

Secondly, we may end up with a wiki page with the areas and significant features all laid out.  Which may be counter to what we're trying to achieve here.


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I second that the elders wishes should be respected.

With regards to documenting.
One way would be to mark the local indigenous area/tribe/... And then outline in the wiki what should not be mapped in order to respect the wishes. I recall a recent blog post or Diary entry regarding indigenous communities mapping.

In a sense this falls in the same category as 'I don't want my backyard shed or pool mapped from satellite images'. Although the cultural aspects are not the same :-)

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How do we actually contact "local elders"?

Would have to be done "on the ground" in that local area

  Where do we record their consent?

Possibly in Notes? Maybe the Oz Data Catalogue page https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Australian_data_catalogue or similar?

  What if they change their minds?

Then I think we would need to delete the entries, similar to the way that you can request your premises not be shown on Google Maps. I have seen a comment on the Tagging list that some town in the US requested that all it's minor streets be deleted from all online maps to prevent rat-runners from driving down them!

Are we saying other mappers should delete these sites if they see them on the map?  How do they know if approval was obtained?

I would hope that people have done things "properly". As mentioned though, if the site is advertised / signposted, then it's fine to map. But if you're walking in the Kimberley & find a cave full of paintings, then you should ask for approval before mapping them. This was discussed a while back about mapping a track up in that area, but I can't find the reference in the archives

is this form of censorship practised anywhere else in OSM - maybe for other indigenous people - that we could copy their model?

I don't know? I'll post the question on the Tagging list.

P.S. It's Strait - not "Straight".

Thanks! Corrected :-)



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