[OSM-talk-be] Support OSM in public administration (economy)

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas at pettiaux.be
Mon Mar 8 21:31:21 GMT 2010


A friend of mine, Jean Dille in cc., works for the Belgian SPF economy
(ex economy ministery) where he must produce maps related to
economical activities.

So far, his colleagues and himself use, by facility, Google maps and
their API. We discussed yesterday and I convinced (I believe) him to
try and use OSM instead. I urged Jean to come and ask questions on
this mailing list, stating that many of you could help him find pieces
of code and suggest ways to use OSM effectively.

Unfortunately, I have no experience with the layers that could be used
(some good examples, for someone who likes to ski, cycle or sail like
Jean are http://openpistemap.org/ et )http://www.opencyclemap.org/ and

I suppose some examples of the use of layers and how to use them can
be found at
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OpenLayers ( who has used them ?)

I also claimed that such a use of the free datas of OSM by public
adminsitration in Belgium could help and give some good examples, that
could lead to further use and collaboration between OSM and public
entities. I dream that Belgian administrations could once publish
their geographical information with a licence that is free and
compatible with the one of OSM;


cette liste est anglophone, fréquentée par des francophones et
néerlandophones qui collaborent autant qu'ils peuvent, tant dans le
nord que le sud du pays, voire même Bruxelles. N'hésite pas à poser
tes questions, et demande d'aide si possible en anglais ou à défaut
dans ta langue (comme les autres font quand ils ne peuvent faire
autrement). Tu peux t'abonner à la liste ou consulter les archives en
consultant la page http://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/talk-be

Thanks to all,


Nicolas Pettiaux

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