[OSM-talk-be] Support OSM in public administration (economy)

marc sintsixtus at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 22:01:49 GMT 2010

Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:
> Dear,
> A friend of mine, Jean Dille in cc., works for the Belgian SPF economy
> (ex economy ministery) where he must produce maps related to
> economical activities.

They would better donate "the SHAPE" file they use ... and then use the 
resulting OSM.

Communities and others are editing "the map" of Belgium, adding 
industrial zones, incorporating buildings etc, but where do these things 
get into??  An anonymous server, made to trash, and restart the project. 
  Politicians do not know what (open) data is ...

I once found a page describing the syntax of some calls to osm:

like here:


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