[OSM-talk-be] New project

Mark Van den Borre mark at markvdb.be
Wed Mar 17 09:48:28 GMT 2010

Hi Ben,

Of course it is!

If I were you, I would use one particular account for all trace
uploads and publish that on this list very clearly every time a
significant number of traces is added. That might offer you the best
hopes of getting these traces converted into streets by volunteers
outside your company.

Regarding devices, I have very good experiences with the Locosys
GT-31. Cheap, very decent battery life plus car and usb charger,
storage to sd card, easy to import into Openstreetmap. These are
no-frills units, perfect for tracking only. We bought 11 of these with
1000€ in grant money.


P.S. I vaguely remember other logistics and taxi companies feeding
their traces into openstreetmap.org too, in the UK and/or Germany.
They might be able to share valuable experiences with you!
Mark Van den Borre
Noormannenstraat 113
3000 Leuven, België
+32 486 961726

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