[OSM-talk-be] Unmapped Place For Belgium in Septembre

Ben Laenen benlaenen at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 16:29:02 BST 2011

Let's remind everyone about this page again 

If the fusion municipality has the same name as a deelgemeente/section, then 
there's only one place node with that name. Don't add a second one for the 
fusion municipality. This node is then placed near the center of this village 
or town ('center' as in the busiest part of the village or town; I guess the 
town hall is often located around there, but not necessarily).

In cases like "Heuvelland", "Langemark-Poelkapelle" etc. an extra node is 
placed somewhere in the center of the fusion municipality with this name, but 
it's a bit arbitrary ('center' as in the middle). Sometimes it makes more 
sense to place it between the villages or towns belonging to that fusion 

And just disregard all the "pilot municipality" stuff, i.e. don't put the 
"Langemark-Poelkapelle" place node over the center of Langemark just because 
it was its pilot municipality and the town hall is located over there.


On Tuesday 13 September 2011 13:12:49 Gerard Vanderveken wrote:
> At the start of the fusion, one of the villages that merged was the so
> called 'pilootgemeente'. In most cases the name of the village was also
> the new name for the fusion.
> I assume that in the case where an alternative name was given, there was
> also this 'pilootgemeente' and perhaps the town hall is also located there.
> Placing: at town center or geographic center of the fusion?
> Another question arises:
> My village Huldenberg consists out of Huldenberg, Loonbeek, Neerijse,
> Sint-Agatha-Rode and Ottenburg.
> Should Huldenberg have two POI with the name on the different levels
> (once for the fusion village as a whole and one for the village itself)?
> Regards,
> Gerard.

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