[Talk-ca] SOTM 2008: The State of The (Canada) Map

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Thu Jul 3 02:08:06 BST 2008

Hi Everybody.  

Will anybody else from Canada be going to SOTM in Ireland?  We could
give a quick talk on the SOTM in Canada.  How are we doing?  What
mapping projects are we doing and how are they progressing?  When do you
think that we will have the map of Canada finished?  

I'd like to get some attention at SOTM for what we are doing in Canada.
So speak up!  What are you doing?  What works well?  What do you need
help with and what would help?  

My perspective?  I helped things in Toronto with a couple of mapping
parties and by mapping some of the arterial streets in 2007.  Since then
other mappers have been mapping and contributing in Toronto to the point
that now the city is looking well covered. (If you tilt your head just
right and don't look too closely.)  

What's the State of Toronto?  Roads look good.  University of Toronto
campus looks great.  Green spaces and parks need work to give the green
character of Toronto.  Large sections have road outlines only with no
street names and need to be completed.  Few neighbourhoods are named.
Few points of interest are included.  

What will help?  More local interest in using potlatch.  Add street
names where only aerial surveying has been done.  Add POIs,
neighbourhoods, parks, etc.  Then move out from the city and tackle the
"905" and beyond.  

Other areas are showing development as well.  Hamilton is off to a good
start and has a mapping party planned soon.  London, Ottawa and Windsor
are filling in.  Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, and others are
showing signs of activity.  Northern Ontario is empty.  

What are your thoughts?  How are things in other regions?  What have I
missed here?  And who is that person who is so very busy mapping

Best regards,

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