[Talk-ca] SOTM 2008: The State of The (Canada) Map

James Ewen jewen at shaw.ca
Thu Jul 3 02:58:47 BST 2008

On Wed, Jul 2, 2008 at 7:08 PM, Richard Weait <richard at weait.com> wrote:

> When do you
> think that we will have the map of Canada finished?

At the current rate? About 200 years from now.

> What are you doing?

Mapping Strathcona County, and various areas around the province of
Alberta as I travel about.

> What do you need
> help with and what would help?

More people adding their local areas to the map, and then some to help
cover the areas where there is no OSM activity.

> What will help?  More local interest in using potlatch.  Add street
> names where only aerial surveying has been done.  Add POIs,
> neighbourhoods, parks, etc.  Then move out from the city and tackle the
> "905" and beyond.
> What are your thoughts?  How are things in other regions?  What have I
> missed here?  And who is that person who is so very busy mapping
> Toronto?

When is this person going to be mapping the rest of the country?

Here's the problem, more people need to step up to the plate and add a
little more. Many hands make light work. We need to work on spreading
the word about OSM, and get more people interested in the project and
working on the map.

With the large expanse of area that is Canada, the chances of walking
or cycling all of the roads are minimal. With the ever increasing cost
of fuel, the chances of driving all roads to gather gps data is
getting slimmer. More high resolution imagery from Yahoo would allow
more mapping without having to drive the roads. Getting Google to
allow use of the imagery found on GoogleEarth would help also.

Solve those problems, and you're golden.


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