[Talk-ca] OSM Wiki Tagging Recreational Trails In Canada

simon at mungewell.org simon at mungewell.org
Fri Jul 11 16:26:41 BST 2008

> Another note:  Could I add on the goals section, a goal to make a complete
> on-demand free OSM book of Canada, where some publisher can print it from
> automatically updated PDF files. .??  (i figure that one, is needed as
> although technology is wonderful, its not always reliable.. and you do
> need
> a backup map book) .. thoughts on that?

Apart from the getting it printed, there is the task of producing the
content and laying it out. Our tech-pub people at work give the impression
that that's the hard part (maybe that's just them.... ;-).

I would suggest that you find a couple of publisher types and get them
interested, before undertaking such a huge task.


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