[Talk-ca] GeoBase import

Steve Singer ssinger_pg at sympatico.ca
Tue Jan 20 03:26:23 GMT 2009

On Mon, 19 Jan 2009, Blake Crosby wrote:

> Sam,
> I'm following the directions here:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Geobase_NRN_-_OSM_Map_Feature
> Since the area is so small, I will probably skip step 5. Instead, loading the 
> resulting OSM in JOSM, adding the street names, then uploading that way.

If you willing to add the road names then I can't think of reasons why you 
can't proceed with importing communities in Ontario.  We probably need a 
discussion before bulk importing of unamed roads.

If you post the errors your getting with roadmatcher and I can tell you if 
they are  familiar.  I loaded both the NRN and OSM (with osm2pgsql) into 
PostGIS then used ogr2ogr to create .shp files for the area I'm interested 
in with most of the attributes stripped out.  One thing 
to keep in mind is that sometimes OSM road names are longer than 80 
characters which causes problems in load shapefiles, I truncate them during 
my extraction process.

Also, the version of geobase2osm.py in svn doesn't have the changes to 
exclude standalone roads.  I've sent it to Jason to commit, I'll send you a 
copy off-list as well.  It handles the tagging of the ways.

> Blake
> Sam Vekemans wrote:
>> Thanks,
>> So that does pose an interesting question.
>> We have the 'unknown' which is the 'when' the names will be available.
>> So, for importing small towns (with no or very very little) OSM data.
>> and the local mapper is willing to hand place in the 'name' field.
>> -from physically seeing the road signs.
>> Then I (imo) see no reason why the script cant be simplified to handle
>> it. Does anyone else?
>> -i dont know yet HOW to change the SHP to a basic OSM. -but working on it.
>> Someone else has done shp2osm.py script -perhaps it can be modified?
>> Cheers,
>> Sam
>> On 1/19/09, Blake Crosby <me at blakecrosby.com> wrote:
>>> Sam,
>>> Aha! That would explain why I cant seem to find names in the data.
>>> The area I'm importing is rather small (about half a town of 45,000). I
>>> have no issues tagging the ways with road names manually.
>>> I just wanted to make sure nobody had any problems with me using the
>>> data for parts of Aurora, Ontario that I havn't traced yet.
>>> Blake
>>> Sam Vekemans wrote:
>>>> Hi Blake,
>>>> Because the Data for Ontario does not contain road names nor road
>>>> numbers,  Only Alberta, Yukon & Nova Scotia have it.
>>>> So unfortunately the Ontario dataset needs to wait until it's complete
>>>> from GeoBase 1st.
>>>> Sam
>>>> Sam Vekemans wrote:
>>>>>  For everyone on the list, were all helping out when we can, so
>>>>>  everyone is doing this on their own time. -although I want it done
>>>>>  yesterday :-) lol
>>>> So that we have actual permission to use geogratis data in OSM. Does
>>>> anyone have any objection if I save on gas and import this Data for
>>>> Aurora, Ontario? :)
>>>> I'll be sure to follow the guidelines I've come across the wiki.
>>>> Blake.

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