[Talk-ca] Open Source Software Road Matcher

John Peterson jdp at ix.netcom.com
Sat Jan 24 00:21:02 GMT 2009

I'm also using stock Roadmatcher for findng standalone ways.  I followed the
link you posted back then.

Roadmatcher seems to need different settings for towns than for countryside
to do the best job.

Here's a sample of standalone roads near Port Stanley Ontario
040I11_standalone.osm.gz http://www.mediafire.com/?gwf755nfwxn

I used
    findStandaloneRoads True
    minimumLineSegmentLength 1.0
    nearnessTolerance 10.00
    minimumDistnace 0.0010
    findMatchedRoads false

My files are created by geobase2osm.py with a bounding rectangle
 homebrew AbInitio script [a proprietary ETL program] to download the same
area from osm, and make osm.jml geobase.jml.
 roadmatcher.bat and exportresult.bat from stock Roadmatcher
 homebrew AbInitio script including shp2text to get nrn_id and srcstate
which is used to filter out nodes and ways from the original geobase.osm

I notice that short streets at right angles to existing streets are missing
from my standalone file.  Some county roads and a stretch of 401 are
duplicated.  It looks pretty easy to clean up and stitch together.

I too am looking for ideas to help with the larger problem of applying
nrn_id to the rather-well-populated Ontario map.

John Peterson

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