[Talk-ca] Proposed mechanical edits: GeoBase/CanVec Service Surface and GeoBase/CanVec name spaces

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sat Mar 17 04:40:55 GMT 2012

The GeoBase and CanVec imports in the lower mainland suffered from two
tagging errors I propose fixing with two one-time mechanical edits.

1. surface=unpaved service ways

GeoBase and CanVec highway=service ways are mis-tagged with surface=unpaved
regardless of if they are paved or not. I propose removing this tag as it is
misleading. To avoid removal of this tag where a mapper has reviewed it, I
will only do the obvious cases automatically and review the others.

The obvious case is ways where none of the tagging has changed since the
import with the possible exception of geobase:uuid which may have been
combined with the value from another way in a merge.

These will be identified by the tags attribution=GeoBaseR
geobase:acquisitionTechnique=Orthophoto geobase:datasetName=NRN:British
Columbia geobase:uuid=* source=Geobase_Import_2009 surface=unpaved

2. Double-spaced names

GeoBase and CanVec sometimes have names with two spaces in them. For
example, "West  70th Street". I propose fixing these. Unfortunately this is
less automated and will require searching through the road network with JOSM
for name:"  ". 

The edit will be from my imports/mechanical edit account and appropriately

As these edits will require touching a large number of roads I also propose
cleaning up unnecessary meta-information from the import that is duplicated
by other tags. For example, geobase:datasetName=NRN:British Columbia can be
inferred from source=Geobase_Import_2009, being located in BC, and matching

It is not worth creating a new version of objects solely to remove these
tags, but since fixing the tagging requires creating a new object anyways it
is worth doing it in this case.

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