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                I have noticed your work adding numerous building footprints in the Fredericton area. It's great to see somebody taking on this large task.  It has been my experience that the older Bing imagery was better aligned than the current Bing imagery in the Fredericton area.  I have been mapping in the Fredericton area since 2007 and the older Bing imagery aligned nicely with my GPS traces.  It is best to align the new Bing Imagery with OSM streets and GPS traces.  The misalignment of the Bing imagery varies across the Fredericton area so I would readjust the alignment of the Bing Imagery as you move to new neighborhoods.  It is my practice to always adjust the Bing Imagery each time I start a new Potlatch 2 session and readjust when I move to new areas of the Fredericton region.

                This map I built at arcgis.com may help shed some light on the alignment issue.  http://www.arcgis.com/apps/Compare/Configure/index.html?appid=c0f0ca089e23457082e997dceea0061b

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Hello all,

I've been recently drawing all of the buildings in Fredericton in preparation for going around and collecting the addresses. I'd noticed that all the buildings in Fredericton were offset. Naturally I assumed that the original mappers in Fredericton had done this offset on purpose. I recently tested this against GPS traces and found that the offset was incorrect based on the traces I collected. I'm now assuming that this data was traced from the old Yahoo imagery and current users continue to offset the Bing WMS to match the data traced from the Yahoo imagery.

I am proposing that we shift the data back to match the Bing WMS and the gps traces. Does anyone else from the Fredericton area have any comments, or can explain the offset?

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