[Talk-ca] Bulk Import of Address Range in GTHA from Metrolinx, Second attemps

Stewart C. Russell scruss at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 13:17:42 UTC 2016

Hi Mojgan

> This was likely due to revert process. JOSM imported nodes before ways
> and our import was done in 6 changesets. Depending on the order in which
> the data was reverted, some of the data would have still been in the
> system before the revert process was complete. Our process built only
> ways for which there was a valid address range.

This was before the revert process started. There were several address
*nodes* without *ways* associated — not the other way around, as you

This would be okay (and preferable) if the node addresses were
consecutive, but some of the ones I saw were longer. If you still have
the data, I remember seeing this at the intersection of Kennedy Road and
Eglinton Avenue East, on the east side of Kennedy. It would be at/near
the south end of this way, # 129483334 :

Best Wishes,

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