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Denis Carriere carriere.denis at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 06:31:24 UTC 2016

Ok this Ottawa reverting process is getting out of hand now! Frederik
(woodpeck_repair) is reverting entire user history without looking at what
his osm-revert-script is doing.

*Before & After of Revert - More info with photos*

This all started because a "building:level" tag was removed by accident in
Stittsville, it happens, don't cry over it.

As for "lack of discussion" we've been planning this for months and invited
all the local mappers to events & we've also got the license agreement from
the City of Ottawa.

So why are you reverting possibly hundreds of hours of work done by the
local OSM Ottawa group?

If you're only concern is documentation and workflows, then we can easily
provide it, no need for an emergency revert of entire users
histories (LogicalViolinist, Rps333, DenisCarriere) all of them are very
active contributors.

I understand the need of a revert if we are breaking a legal agreement for
data that isn't compatible with the OSM license, but this isn't the case.
We've sent dozens of emails to Talk-CA and the only people interested in
the project was our group, next time people should be more involved in
local Canadian open data effort from our government (StatsCan in

The data in Ottawa is pitiful compared to other parts of the world, I'm
frankly embarrassed when I look at our OSM maps. We finally have a project
that promotes the use of open data provided by the City of Ottawa and we
have a dedicated group that is willing to put all the hard work to improve
the map in Ottawa, and now weeks of hard work is being totally reverted by
a command line script from @woodpeck_repair.

*Quick survey: *Who is even opposed to a Building Import in Ottawa (rural
areas is a big concern)? If no one is, Frederick can you please stop your
revert process and we can continue working on adding the buildings to
Ottawa. We're all very talented mappers and we can fix our mistakes, we
don't need a full user history revert.

Don't hesitate to reply, we're welcoming comments and concerns.


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On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 1:53 PM, Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> On 10/17/2016 11:59 PM, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> > The person responsible for cleaning up a poor revert should be the
> > person who ran it ;) it's only 30% complete and will run far into the
> > night in my time zone and I'll have to check on it after getting up. I'm
> > confident all will be fixed when you get up tomorrow morning.
> Unfortunately the import was larger than expected and the revert drags
> on. Meanwhile, a couple of accounts have been newly created by parties
> unknown ("addxy_imports", "ottawa_import") and these have (accidentally
> or purposefully) interfered with the revert, meaning that it will take
> even longer for me do this right.
> I would like to appeal to all involved parties to show some maturity.
> The import was in clear violation of established processes; it must be
> reverted, and then the community can - calmly and without any time
> pressure - decide what they want to do with the data.
> I haven't analysed the import in depth but I have seen a couple of
> examples where a perfectly well mapped building was wiped clean and
> replaced with one that was not at all better - this is clearly something
> we don't want to see in an import, it is a technical (or procedural)
> shortcoming that would definitely have been pointed out had there been a
> proper discussion beforehand.
> The requirement to talk about imports before you act is not an
> unnecessary bueraucratic hurdle; it is intended to avoid disappointment
> on all sides. An import that fears the broad daylight is probably one
> that should not be attempted at all!
> I should maybe have made that clearer in my initial email but I'm acting
> here as a member of the OSMF's data working group in response to a
> legitimate complaint, not as a German mapper seeking trouble. I
> sincerely ask everyone involved to keep calm and let the revert complete
> cleanly.
> I see that user LogicalViolinist has already found fields of endeavour
> outside of Canada for the time being.
> Bye
> Frederik
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