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Mon Feb 6 13:12:23 UTC 2017

My recommendation and it is only a recommendation is we wait until we hear
back from the working group.

We seem to have an issue with who has the authority to give permission both
on our own side and within various levels of government and what the
wording of the permission means.

The idea that only Canadians are only allowed to map in Canada and by
implication they are not permitted to map anywhere else in the world I find
frankly disturbing.

Stat Can was advised before the project started that if they used OSM
licensing issues were almost certain to be raised. Taginfo gives
177,183,823 instances of source being used which implies an import by 161,713
different users.  It was recognised that there would be differences of
opinion and that they should work with local mappers.  I think this was
understood to be those who lived and mapped in Ottawa initially rather than
trying to work with the entire country to start off with.

Mojgan did an import of address data that was discussed in talk-ca and
stated quite clearly that she had done an analysis of the OSM license and
the Federal Government license and found they were compatible and no one
challenged the statement.  This discussion took place in 2016.

Cheerio John

On 6 February 2017 at 00:10, Kyle Nuttall <kyle.nuttall at hotmail.ca> wrote:

> It seems like with direct permission for the building footprint data the
> licencing issue becomes irrelevant.
> However, determining the compatibility of the license is still important
> so we can avoid having these types of discussions for all the other bits of
> data the city provides. But this one in question seems to have the go ahead
> from the City of Ottawa directly.
> It's also to my understanding that the spirit of OSM is to contribute data
> to the map, which seems to be precisely what this import is trying to
> accomplish.
> Cheers,
> Kyle
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