[Talk-ca] Formatting of Municipality Names

OSM Volunteer stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Tue Feb 20 03:15:49 UTC 2018

OSM has much in common with language and, it can be said, maps (heh, in a mathematical sense) fairly directly onto language:  plastic tagging syntax, rules which sometimes get broken, vivid semiotics which change with what we wish the map to visually "do" for us and usage which newly defines different and often better ways of doing things.  (Among many other things in common with language).  I wouldn't call OSM terribly strict, but it does have tenets and traditions (consensus is one, having fun is another), even as these grow and (slowly) change.  As a project, it is organic and human and good to remind ourselves of that every once in a while.  Thanks everybody, this has been rewarding for me.

Zooming out,

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