[Talk-ca] Expanding vs abbreviating

Viajero Perdido viajero.perdido.spam.bucket at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 16:27:20 UTC 2018

>> I continue to assert that our (OSM's) name=* wiki states these 
>> abbreviations should be fully expanded and that official_name=* might 
>> hold the abbreviation.

Hi Everyone.

I'll pop in here because I'd hate to see this considered "discussed and 
approved". (And replying a day late because I'm still getting the hang 
of mailing list technology.  Hope it doesn't catch on.)

 From the wiki, "If the name is incorrect when spelled in full, however, 
do not falsely expand it."

On a related note, I live in Edmonton, where every street has a quadrant 
suffix, usually "NW".  The city made those abbreviations, not OSM 
mappers.  It's right there on my property tax bill; I'm paying tax for a 
property that ends in "NW".  I've got the whole city touched up to say 
NW etc. (after an old import) - and it bugs me to see mappers swoop in 
to expand things again.  Luckily the Edmonton wiki has explicit examples 
that agree with me.

My two bits.

Tom, aka VP

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