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> Looking at the description on the wiki, the appropriate tag for what
> describing is addr:suburb. addr:borough has 6 uses in the database.
Can you elaborate on this a bit more?
There was a heated discussion about this change in Czech and mainly Slovak
mailing list.
The main reasons are that Czech dictionary translation of borough is exactly
right for what it is = large self-governing district of a city. While suburb
translation is something like periphery.
As we are not allowed to use the key in Czech language, which would solve
the situation. Then we are stuck with closest English term which is borough

Also we have two larger administrative units over our poposed borough and we
wanted to reserve suburb for one of them.

So we do not want to choose a key with a worse name just because it is used
more frequently at the moment somewhere in the world.

 > You're proposing changesets of 50000 items per changeset. That's a
Well, we menat is as absolute maximum. As the file is reviewed by an
volunteer before import it is unlikely that this value would be ever
What value is acceptable?

> It's not clear from the wiki page how you plan to handle conflicts between
> OSM data and RUIAN data. OSM data should not be automatically be
> replaced.

The data are matched and if the match is good we generaly update missing
If the data are not matched (differ significantly in house number or street)
we leave OSM data intact and ignore them. 
So the way is:
- find OSM data with the same address as we have in RUIAN and add the
missing info from RUIAN and RUIAN reference
- if there is no OSM data in close range then add new address point from
The whole import data are reviewed by an user before import.

 Dalibor (chrabros)

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