[Talk-dk] Cykelstier - København

Freek freek_osm at vanwal.nl
Søn Nov 15 20:41:27 GMT 2009

On Sunday 15 November 2009, Alexander Hunziker wrote:
> I'm also of the opinion that the map should not be edited with the
> goal in mind for it to look great. Much rather, we should tag things
> as it seems logical.


> Applied to this case here: 
> Of course bike paths should be rendered nicely. But that's a rendering
> issue. One should not circumvent rendering issues by suboptimal tagging.
> If a bike path follows a road closely, as i almost always the case in
> Copenhagen, I would argue that it is *part of that road*. Hence it
> should not be inserted to the map as a separate way. Rather, the
> street should be tagged with the appropriate bike lane tag.
> Claus is also very right in mentioning that adding cycleways as
> separate ways makes navigation for algorithms much harder.

Why exactly? I don't think it's a problem for navigation to have separate 
cycleways. Sometimes it might actually be necessary to have cycleways 
separate for correct navigation: if there's a path starting out from a 
cycleway next to a road, where you cannot reasonably (with a bike) get from 
the main road to the path because the cycleway is separated from the road 
(for example by grass, bushes or a low fence), I think making the cycleway 
separate would be the best solution. In order then not to make my tagging 
inconsistent I tend to make all cycleways that are somewhat separated from 
the road separate cycleways. (I think my personal criterion here is that if 
the cycleway does not use the road's own surface, I make a separate way, but 
that could be discussed.)

> I would strongly suggest to revert the recent changes in Copenhagen to
> the old scheme.

I don't know about these recent changes, but I do see some cycleways in 
Copenhagen not being connected to anything else. I would consider that to be 
an error: they should be connected at every place a bicyclist could 
reasonably get to another road (without getting off her bike or breaking the 

P.S. Igen, unskyld for at kapre jeres mailingliste ;-)

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