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I've also just submitted edits to all the listings on Google Maps that are listed with the "p"

Thomas Szabunia

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I noticed today that the BBC reported a road accident as:

   M6 in Hampstead Industrial Estate exit slip road
   partially blocked southbound at J7, A34 (Great Barr)

There is no "Hampstead Industrial Estate exit" at junction 7, and in any case the estate is "Hamstead Industrial Estate" (no "p"):


and so I told them this on Twitter.

Someone has argued that "Hampstead Industrial Estate" is correct, as that's what Google Maps calls it.

I thought I would settle the matter by referring to the Royal Mail postcode database - and was surprised that they too have it as "Hampstead Industrial Estate" - try searching for "B42 1DU" at:


Has anyone had any luck, getting errors in the postcode database fixed?

Andy Mabbett

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