[Talk-GB] liam123's latest

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Fri Sep 18 11:26:17 BST 2009

On 18/09/2009 10:53, Tom Hughes wrote:
> On 18/09/09 10:33, David Earl wrote:
>> Tom - this is persistent continuous abuse. I really think we have to
>> block his IP address until such time as we can work out how to deal with
>> the edits. They are just so pervasive and destructive. We've discussed
>> suspending his account and the chances of him switching to a new one. An
>> IP block is not foolproof either, but it is better than nothing, which
>> is what we've got at the moment.
> Well (a) we don't know and can't easily find out what IP address he is 
> using and (b) in all probability it changes fairly often. The first step 
> will be to block his account, not his IP address.
> I have repeatedly stated that I am not prepared to block people on my 
> own. Get the DWG to order him blocked and I will happily do so.

How? How does the clamour that's been made over three months actually 
get turned into action?

Is there a general email address for the members (who I can see on the 
wiki, and that you are one of), or do I have to get the email addresses 
for each member individually - it doesn't say on the wiki how to make 
contact, though obviously I recognise all the names.

But this has been going for three months and he has poisoned large parts 
of Kent. How long and how much damage do we have to sustain before 
action is taken? He's spent the last two days doggedly undermining 
people's work, and far from Andy's previous assertion that he'll get 
bored, he hasn't. Indeed I have wondered whether there is more to this 
than just idiocy(*).

Re IP addresses, it depends on how he is connected - mine for example 
never changes so long as I am using the same Mac address to connect. It 
is cited on the DWG page as one course of action, and I think it would 
be more effective than banning the account, as we'll likely lose track 
of him.

It is trivial to get hold of the IP address - every HTTP request carries 
it, though a serious hacker would forge or suppress it, I doubt he's 
doing that - if he was not just playing, he'd be using multiple accounts.


* could he be a plant from OS to demonstrate the vulnerability of crowd 
source maps? OK< enough conspiracy theories.

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