[Talk-GB] liam123's latest

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Fri Sep 18 11:33:59 BST 2009

Peter Childs wrote:
 > Is it a good idea to remove the Live Change Feature in Potlatch
 > for everyone.
 > I'm thinking this is the cause for a lot of our problems.
 > I can't see why anyone would want it any more anyway. Its a
 > dangerous feature without a purpose.

*shrugs* You've already made it clear you can't see plenty of things.

I know plenty of very experienced users who prefer editing in live mode. 
It has some significant advantages for the experienced user.

Clearly Liam123 knows exactly what he is doing. He has read and deleted 
messages to him asking him to stop. Live editing mode has nothing to do 
with it. If you were to ban it, he would just make his changes as per 
usual and click 'Save'. Then all you've achieved is disadvantaging a lot 
of existing users for no benefit at all.

I'm up for adding a warning the first time a user enters live mode. And 
I don't anticipate including live mode in Potlatch 2, but that's 
entirely due to ease of coding.

Removing it from 1.x would serve no purpose. I can guarantee Liam123 
would continue editing, and you'd be back within the month demanding 
that some other feature you've just hit upon should be banned.


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