[Talk-GB] Vandalism/bad edits in Cardiff (changeset 7775606)

Paul Williams pjwderby at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 12 11:30:00 BST 2011

Thanks Jerry, for the advice I didn't realise it was possible to
revert a changeset myself (after installing the Reverter JOSM plugin).
I think I've now managed to restore everything and put Cardiff back on
the map!


On 11 April 2011 21:55, Jerry Clough : SK53 on OSM <SK53_osm at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Quite an effective edit, Nominatim now thinks Splott is in Newport.
> I always find this type of situation awkward: a quick revert will minimise
> the need to do a lot of effort cleaning up, but I always hate correcting
> edits by new contributions unless I can add something more.
> IMO, the best person to weigh up these factors and act on them is you. You
> are a local mapper. Your edits & contributions are amongst those affected.
> It is possible to use the History option in JOSM. Download Cardiff centre
> and then from the history menu choose Revert Changeset. There don't seem to
> be any conflicts at the moment & it's possible to check over the data before
> reloading back to OSM.
> Of course this is just my take on things, and perhaps I'm biased having
> fixed a bad RR8 edit on the Nottingham Ring Road only yesterday.

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