[Talk-GB] National Byway rendering on OpenCycleMap

monxton gmane at jordan-maynard.org
Tue Apr 19 22:22:10 BST 2011

On 19/04/2011 17:05, Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) wrote:
>   monxton [mailto:gmane at jordan-maynard.org] wrote:

>> These, and other threads I haven't listed, tend to end with Andy saying that he will render the National Byway tags in their own colour some time in the future.
> I guess we need to be patient with Andy. Yes it would be nice to see it
> rendered as a brown line or whatever with little
> http://www.thenationalbyway.org/img/nb_logo.gif shields instead of the
> Sustrans NCN numbering. But I'm sure it will happen eventually.

It would be nice to see it rendered anyhow. I really, really, don't want 
to annoy Andy, because if we didn't love the cycle map so much we 
wouldn't care what it rendered. So I hope his sense of humour is robust 
enough for me to mention that it's 3.5 years since since the schedule 
for rendering the National Byway was "this week".

I'll get my coat.

>> I know not everyone here cares for the National Byway. For me, it hits the
>> spot for route planning much better than the Sustrans routes, which tend to
>> be just too slow for long journeys.
> The two are trying to do very different things, each to their own.

That's something that's said a few times on this list, but IMHO it's 
only partly true. I'd rather say that the Sustrans routes are trying to 
do about three different things, and the National Byway does only one of 
those three.

If that were not so, there would not be so many places where the NB 
takes the same route as a Sustrans route.

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