[Talk-GB] National Byway rendering on OpenCycleMap

Andy Allan gravitystorm at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 09:23:19 BST 2011

On Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 10:22 PM, monxton <gmane at jordan-maynard.org> wrote:
>  So I hope his sense of humour is robust enough for me to
> mention that it's 3.5 years since since the schedule for rendering the
> National Byway was "this week".


Let's face it though, in the face of trying to keep the server running
under ever-increasing pressures, and dealing with problems and
improvements in the cartography that affect the whole planet, it's not
hugely surprising that the National Byway hasn't quite bubbled up to
the top of my todo list. I mean, the key hasn't been updated in 3.5
years either, and I've never gotten around to documenting my wonderful
system for highlighting places that serve fryups, and I think both of
those are more important :-)

But on the National Byway issue, there are a few fundamental things.
I've pretty much settled on not adding any new types of cycle route
highlighting, since I think three levels of hierarchy have pretty much
proven sufficient in many different countries. I disagree (with
Richard) that there's anything fundamentally different between a cycle
route of national importance organised by one UK charity as opposed to
a cycle route of national importance organised by a different UK
charity. However, I'm aware that we are doing lots of non-cyclists a
disfavour by classifying the national byway as only being for cycling
(with the route=bicycle tag). If we keep the route=bicycle I would
suggest network=ncn, name = National Byway and therefore bring it into
line with all the other national cycling routes in every other country
in OSM. If anyone cares about the differences between a Sustrans route
and other routes, then the operator tag would be appropriate.

So I expect to render it at some point (still), but it's never really
been a great priority for me, and when it does get rendered I'll be
treating it the same way as all the other national "cycling" routes[1]
around the world.


[1] I was at a Sustrans rangers meeting once where the big guns were
discussing the fact that their network was for both cyclists and
walkers, and why did so many people think it was only for cyclists. I
laughed slightly and pointed out that they'd called it the "National
Cycle Network" and the clue to the cause of the confusion might be in
the name.

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